1.8 Million New Smart Energy Jobs: Enough to give every worker in Adelaide and Perth a new job!

The transition to renewable energy is a massive employment opportunity.  It will also boost the economy, and slash power prices for homes and businesses.

This landmark report from Beyond Zero Emissions shows how 1.8 million new jobs could be created, that’s equivalent to a new job for a year for every worker living in Australia’s 4th and 5th largest cities, Perth and Adelaide.

Independent economists say the plan will contribute 1-2% to Australia’s GDP, and slash unemployment by 0.5%. The Million Jobs Plan will also increase private investment, increase wages, and revive rural economies. 

The project is already underway and by the end of the 2021 financial year, there will be 124,000 more jobs on the market for hard working Australian’s.

The report identifies 6 massive new job opportunities:


  • 200,000 jobs in renewable energy and transmission.
  • 940,000 jobs in retrofits and new buildings.
  • 140,000 jobs in green transport.
  • 230,000 jobs in clean manufacturing and mining.
  • 200,000 jobs in land regeneration.
  • 80,000 jobs in waste recycling.


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