Another One Bites the Dust: Yallourn Coal Plant Set To Close Early As Smart Energy Continues to Grow

The Yallourn power station is ugly, old, and incredibly polluting. Infamous for frequent breakdowns and subsequent power outages, the fossil is now being retired 4 years earlier than anticipated. 

The reason for its early retirement? The benefits of smart energy are just too good to keep up with. The Yallourn power plant can’t keep up with the influx of cheap renewable energy. Thanks to solar, electricity prices in Victoria have dropped by 70% in the last 12 months. Victorian taxpayers can rejoice knowing they no longer have to support a dying industry. 

Not only is this great news for taxpayers, but also the environment. By closing the power plant Victoria’s emissions will be cut by a whopping 13% and national emissions will drop by 3%!

After the plant is shut the state will be powered by a long-duration large battery. The 500 workers currently at the plant will be supported by a $10 million support package as their jobs transition to greener alternatives. 

It’s clear that the energy transition is underway everywhere. Smart energy represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for Australia to build a stronger economy. State Governments, businesses, and even coal companies are on board! Stories like this one will continue to become more common as we make a smart move to a better future.

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