Australia’s Future? A Renewable Energy Superpower

The great unstoppable global shift is underway as the world moves from fossil fuels to renewable energy and a low carbon future is solidified globally.

Australia has the chance to ride these waves, and end up with a stronger more prosperous economy then we have today.  Australia is perfectly placed with its abundant, high quality renewable resources and industrial capacity, to become a renewable energy superpower. 

In Beyond Zero Emissions’ recent report, Australia is revealed as having a prime opportunity to become a renewable energy superpower. This title would be no hollow promotion as Australia has not one, but three major economic opportunities. 

  1. The chance to cash in on the US$28 Trillion that is expected to be invested globally in renewable energy and efficiency equipment by 2035. This is even more than coal, oil, and gas development…combined. 
  2. The ability to support energy-intensive trade industries that currently generate US$2.3 trillion in annual trade value.
  3. The production and export of renewable energy gasses and fuels to other countries.

That’s all well and good, but how do we get there? The report provides a roadmap to seize these opportunities. It figures that to capitalise on the global shift to renewable energy, Australia must take the following action,

  1. Electrify its energy.
  2. Reconfigure its electricity system.
  3. Coordinate development. 

Today Australia has a plan in front of it to set up its long-term future and prosperity.  Let’s grab this golden opportunity, for the sake of our economy, our children, and the sake of a safe climate.

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