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In his new book, Reset; world renowned economist, Ross Garnaut, shows how Australia can use its potential as a renewable energy superpower to resurrect from the 2020 COVID-19 slump bigger and better than ever.
Source | Solar Share
550 people, many who cannot install solar, came together to invest $2.4 million in the Majura Community Solar Farm that produces enough to power 260 homes. Investors can expect to see returns start to hit their bank accounts in the first 12 months.
The owner of the Latrobe Valley generator has recently said that the coal plant will close 4 years earlier than previously thought. The reasons for this unexpected acceleration towards a cleaner future are clear: renewable energy is too cheap to out compete.
Everybody knows renewables are the future. The world’s cheapest and cleanest power is now coming from Aussie sunshine and wind. All pollution free and representing the biggest business opportunity of our lifetime.
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