Everything You Need to Know About President Biden’s 2021 Climate Summit

President Biden has come into office with a clear agenda to clean up our climate with Smart Energy. In an electrifying announcement, the United States has promised to halve its greenhouse house emissions within the decade, taking decisive action to reap the benefits of smart energy. Similar commitments were made by India, Japan, Canada, Argentina, The United Kingdom, The European Union, Korea, China, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia. 


President Biden has done a lot of things in his short time in office. Within the first 100 days he announced the Climate Leaders’ summit that was held in late April. 40 world leaders attended the virtual summit, including Australia, with the aim of tackling the climate crisis and meeting the demands of science. 


Smart energy was at the centre of the summit where President Biden announced that the United States would halve its greenhouse gas emissions within the decade; taking decisive action to reap the benefits of renewables. This commitment was enshrined in a new Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement. Similar commitments were also made by many other nations, but not Australia.


The economic rewards of investing in smart energy innovation were another feature of the summit. Denmark announced a technology mission to decarbonise the global shipping sector and to build the world’s first energy islands that will produce clean fuels and supply power to Europe. Biden himself agreed that countries that promote smart energy, electric vehicles, methane abatement, and building retrofits, would likely see job growth and economic prosperity as a result.


The rest of the world is moving fast towards a smart energy future. Biden said it himself: jobs and growth are unavoidable flow on effects from smart energy investment. The time for Australia’s smart energy transition is now! The rest of the world is on board so let’s SEE in a brighter future, together. 


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