Everything You Need to Know About the Asian Renewable Energy Hub – A $50 Billion Investment in the Pilbara Region

It’s happening! The West Australian Government has now granted approval to begin the massive $50bn Asian Renewable Energy Hub Project.

In its entirety the project includes: 

  • 26 GW of wind and solar generation.
  • At least 3 GW of generation capacity for Pilbara energy users.
  • Up to 23 GW of generation for production of green hydrogen and green ammonia.
  • Up to 100 TWh of total annual generation.
  • A design life of 50+ years.

This project taps into the biggest business opportunity of our lifetime: the export of renewable energy. The Asian Renewable Energy Hub will export Aussie sunshine and wind to Asia through the production of renewable hydrogen fuels and green ammonia. 

This project will reinvigorate the economy and support locals by creating more than 10,000 construction jobs over the decade, and even more flow on jobs. It also invites the reindustrialisation of Australia as manufacturing and other businesses are set to follow the world’s cheapest and cleanest power. 

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