Fast and cheap Electric Vehicle charging comes to Australia!

Source | ARENA

This year, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced $71 million to drive the new wave of clean technology for the transport of the future.


ARENA has taken the first step and is supercharging Electric Vehicles in Australia! They’re funding 403 new Fast Charging stations across Australia so that Aussies looking to buy an electric vehicle won’t have to worry about their batteries going flat.


These fast chargers making charging your electric vehicle when you are away from home quick and easy,

giving you all the charge you need for an average day of driving in just 3 and a half minutes.

Yes, 3 and a half minutes!

If you want to top up for a weekend trip, you can get an extra 320km in just half an hour.


This funding increases the availability of fast chargers seven-fold in our big cities, leaving the major concerns of charging while out and about a thing of the past.


But this is only the beginning!


Soon, ARENA will be boosting the use of renewable hydrogen and biofuels in powering heavy vehicles. Further funding is also set to develop electric vehicle charging in regional Australia, as well as the electrification of large vehicle fleets.


What’s more, JOLT charge is going to build 5000 chargers across Australia, where anyone can get their first ~45km of charge for free! That’s more Km’s than the average Aussie drives on any given day! Imagine that, free fuel, every stop, every day!


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