In Australia Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Employs Twice the Number of People than Coal, Oil and Gas Combined!

The Australian smart energy industry has witnessed immense development between 2018 and 2019. This expansion has resulted in a boom of over 85,000 Australian jobs. To let the significance of this figure sink in consider the current period of economic turmoil we’re enduring: stagnant population growth, ongoing recession and now, a global pandemic.

Smart energy only accounts for 1 fifth of Australia’s electricity supply, however it is responsible for generating 27,400 jobs. In comparison, coal contributes 73% of electricity to the national supply but supports a mere 12,167 jobs. 

Domestic coal, oil and gas combined employed 40,000 people in 2019. Amazingly, renewable energy and energy efficiency supported over 85,000 – that’s more than double the more widespread fossil fuel alternatives. 

Tristan Edis of Green Energy Markets recently published a report in conjunction with the Australian Conservation Foundation, outlining employment in different sources of domestic electricity generation. Not only did renewable energy and energy efficiency represent huge growth and employment sectors but jobs were incredibly varied. Architects, planners, construction managers, engineers, mechanics, electricians, technicians, tradies and more.

With increased investment in renewable energy the jobs boom is set to continue, ensuring Australia remains prosperous no matter what the world throws at us. 


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