Its undeniable now, Australians want ambitious action on Climate Change

Source | MediaNet

Australia has never been more united on calling for strong action on Climate Change.


At the Better Futures Forum 90+ Groups have come together to call for Australia to match our allies and commit to halving our emissions by 2030.


In the past climate change has divided Australia, today we see organisations from across society and industry all coming together for the same purpose.

Everyone wants Climate Action!


  • The Medical professions
  • The Unions
  • The Super funds
  • The cities
  • Charities
  • The Indigenous Peoples’
  • The churches
  • The energy representatives
  • And even mining magnate Gina Rineharts’ mining company, Vulcan Energy.


It goes on and on…



They have all called for a rapid shift away from fossil fuels to renewables to protect Australia as we enter the ‘zero-carbon age’.


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