Limitless Smart Energy: Solar and Wind Energy Potential is 100 Times Greater than Global Energy Demand

Smart energy has the potential to meet global energy demand many times over – a limitless resource that is the cheapest form of energy. This will unlock huge benefits for society; including cheaper energy for a more equitable world, the creation of many local jobs, and a clean climate for future generations to enjoy.

The fossil fuel age is over! With the current growth rates of solar and wind climbing ever higher, fossil fuels will be an unviable electricity source by the mid-2030’s; and out of total energy supply by 2050. 


This will of course have great impacts on our environment, but the best part is yet to come. As the new era of Smart Energy technology is embraced, energy reserves of 100 times our current demand will become available. The opportunities that come from these reserves will be endless. 


More local jobs. 


Cheaper electricity. 


A more equitable world.


An opportunity to re-industrialise our economy.


But it gets better; the land required to embrace these opportunities is less than that currently used for fossil fuel infrastructure. In Australia, less than 0.1% of the countries land could generate enough smart energy to power the whole nation. 


The future is here now! The economic and technical barriers to smart energy proliferation have been abolished. The only thing left to change now is people’s minds. Share this article with your family and friends! Let’s SEE in the future together. 

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