New jobs offset coal decline in regional Queensland

CEO of fossil fuel giant, Stanwell, has flagged the company’s shift away from coal…


Renewable energy – solar and wind – is now the cheapest form of energy generation so coal companies are making the shift to renewables.

This is all about economics.


Rockhampton bears home to the Stanwell Power Station, one of Australia’s youngest coal fired power stations, commissioned in the 90’s. Despite boasting the title of one of Australia’s most efficient power stations, the CEO has just signalled its phase out of the market, and eventual shutdown as it struggles to compete with renewables.


Just as Stanwell is making the shift, the Moah Creek Renewable Energy Project is stepping in. And Moah Creek is only 30km from Rockhampton!


The good news – that means local jobs and investment in local communities.


About the project:

  • Consisting of wind and solar, it will be supplemented by battery storage to help deliver energy to customers when the wind and the sun aren’t around.
  • Currently seeking approval through local consultation, the project will deliver employment for 500 people in direct jobs alone.
  • Construction will continue right up to 2034, that’s over a decade of high-quality, well-paid jobs as coal employment dries up.
  • The large size and hybrid nature of the project will also create a large number of ongoing operational jobs.


Employment arising from the Energy Estate’s projects are only set to jump up, as it plans to more than double its energy output from the current project to 2GW!


That’s about enough energy to supply Canberra twice over!


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