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Beyond Zero Emissions

Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world to manufacture. Clean energy offers a once in a generation opportunity to slash manufacturing costs, electrify industries, drive innovation and exports, reindustrialise the economy, and solidify Australia as an energy superpower.
Because Australia can produce some of the world's cheapest renewable energy, it is perfectly positioned to ride 3 global economic waves – US$28 Trillion investment in renewables, creating zero carbon exports, and sending zero carbon gasses and fuels to the world.
The transition to smart energy equals jobs. Lots of them. In fact, a new plan sets out how we can create over 1.8 Million new jobs; that’s enough new jobs to employ every person of working age in Perth and Adelaide.
Australia's unique advantage to become Renewable Energy Superpower
Australian manufacturers that choose renewable electricity will be at the forefront of an unstoppable global transition.
Achieving the 10 Gigawatt Vision has the potential to create many more jobs than the shale gas industry and prevent over 20 billion tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere and accelerating global warming.
In just 5years renewables and low emission projects can deliver 1.8m new jobs in regions and communities these are needed most.
BZE The Million Jobs Plan Renewable Energy initiative creates 140,000+ jobs and delivers 90 gigawatts of zero emissions energy to Australian homes, businesses and industries.