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Smart Energy Council

In his new book, Reset; world renowned economist, Ross Garnaut, shows how Australia can use its potential as a renewable energy superpower to resurrect from the 2020 COVID-19 slump bigger and better than ever.
Everybody knows renewables are the future. The world’s cheapest and cleanest power is now coming from Aussie sunshine and wind. All pollution free and representing the biggest business opportunity of our lifetime.
Everybody knows renewables are the future. You’ll be shocked at how many of smart energies biggest fans are also household names including IKEA, Apple and even, Shell.
Australian’s love big things, the big banana, the big merino, the big prawn, and now, the big battery. But the winner of the battle of the batteries may surprise you as Tasmania more than doubles its closest competitor as it pursues plans to become the ‘Battery of the Nation’.
Hot on the heels of the news that the UK is set to abolish coal by late 2024, the Biden administration has 9 big climate goals that will transform the US and the world.
The Future North report by Oliver Yates and Kevin Holmes presents a pathway for the region to develop its world-leading resources and calls for the establishment of a new North Queensland Development and Diversification Fund, based on the hugely successful Clean Energy Finance Corporation.