The Secret’s Out! How Smart Energy Will Reset Australia’s Economy After COVID-19

From the best-selling author that brought you, Superpower; Ross Garnaut builds upon his idea of Australia as a renewable energy superpower to show that the key to a strong post-COVID-19 economic recovery is smart energy. COVID-19 isn’t the only hit that the Australian economy has experienced in the last 12 months. Garnaut also reflects on the impacts of the ‘decoupling’ of China and America and shows how renewable energy is essential to Australia’s future stability on a global stage.

Garnaut criticises the race to get back to ‘normal’, declaring that normal is no longer good enough. Australians need ‘better’ in order to support their lifestyles into the future and smart energy is the way forward. 

It’s true that energy from fossil fuels has successfully supported the Australian economy and warned off recission for 28 years, but as Garnaut discusses, Australia is facing extreme international pressure to reduce emissions. Australia’s export of energy doesn’t have to be left in the past with smart energy offering a prime opportunity to embrace a future built on zero carbon energy exports. This will result in better international relationships, increased employment, the reinvigoration of rural economies, and substantially reduced carbon emissions. 

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