Hydrogen trucks offer transport solution for Townsville mine operations

World’s largest hydrogen-powered trucks set to solve Queensland mine’s transport problem.   The trucks will transport zinc from the mine to the Port of Townsville to be shipped around the world.   The unique properties of the hydrogen fuel cell allow the trucks to support almost 24/7 use of the vehicles, pulling up to 3 […]

Manufacturing is coming back to Regional Australia!

Future Fortescue Industries has announced A Global Green Manufacturing centre in Gladstone Queensland. The centre sets out to build the world’s largest electrolyser, the key piece of equipment for the renewable hydrogen industry.   As the centre scales up, the benefits from a transition away from fossil fuels are bountiful! The ignition of a secure […]

World leaders come together to drive Climate action!

  The race is on but we need to sprint… With global climate talks fast approaching and time running out to prevent the most disastrous impacts of climate change, now is the time to act.   The Summit will explore the opportunities that emerge from taking action on climate change and provide a clear pathway […]

Smart Energy Heavy Industry Precincts – Regional jobs and strong communities


Renewable Energy Zones + Australia’s Hydrogen Hubs + Industry = More Money and Jobs.     Smart Energy Heavy Industry Precincts, also known as Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts, are a brilliant idea and are a key to Australia’s economic future. These precincts would allow big industrial centres like the Hunter Region and Gladstone and Port […]

Billions flowing into Renewable Hydrogen!

Zero emissions hydrogen produced through renewables is set to become a major part of the world’s future energy demand.   You only have to look at the investment in renewable hydrogen in Germany to know we are not joking.   Germany has committed €9 billion euros, which is more than $14 billion Australian Dollars into […]

How is Green Hydrogen Produced

Tasmania is in a unique position to lead the nation in the production of green hydrogen to meet both domestic and global demand. See how is green hydrogen produced