Turnbull is Clear: Power can be Clean and Cheap at the Same Time

Talking with Mark Carney at the 2020 Global Smart Energy Summit, Malcolm Turnbull reveals that there is no secret goldmine of cheap gas in Australia, instead arguing that Australia must make the permanent move to smart energy. The conversation sets out the very positive reality for renewables in Australia and outlines how the whole world is moving to smart energy.


Here are the top 5 things Turnbull and Carney taught us at the 2020 Global Smart Energy Summit:

  • Australia can have its cake and eat it too – It is possible to develop cheaper electricity and lower emissions electricity at the same time.
  • There are more jobs in sustainable infrastructure than equivalent industries.
  • Australia has “phenomenal renewable resources” but is seriously lacking in cheap gas resources.
  • China’s recently announced net zero emissions target will support renewable investment in Australia and the world.
  • Corporations can lead the trend of renewable investment and Governments will follow.


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