What car will you be buying next?

You may not realise it yet, but the next car you buy is likely to be electric. British marque car producer Jaguar sees 2/3 of Australians driving Electric Vehicles by 2028.


Climate change and reducing emissions is now a key part of everything we plan for in the future. Our electricity sector is expected to be 83% renewable based by 2030, and will be above 95% by 2035. However, transport is a big contributor to our emissions in Australia too, at 17%. So in 2022 Australia is getting on with getting fossil fuels out of transport too.


By 2035 fossil fuel cars, or internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, will be in rapid decline, with Electric Vehicles taking over our roads. That’s cheaper fuel and maintenance costs for all Australians as the second hand EV market will soon flourish in Australia too.


Below are a few insights into Australia’s car future:

ACT 2035 : The sale of new ICE vehicles will be banned

NSW 2030: 52% of all new car sales will be Electric Vehicles

VIC 2030 : 50% of all new car sales will be Electric Vehicles

QLD 2036: All new cars will be Electric


Don’t worry, there is no need to be afraid, we’re not the first to try this.

In Norway 80% of new car sales are electric, and now the 27 countries making up the European Union have all agreed to ban ICE vehicles from 2035 onwards too!


Range anxiety got you down?

NRMA and the Federal Governmenthave got it covered: The partnership is building a charging station every 150kms on Australia’s major roads. So now there’s nothing stopping you taking that long road trip with friends and family in a car that doesn’t hurt the planet!

The Future is Electric!