Why Manufacturing in Australia is so Expensive and How Clean Energy Will Change It

A shocking 8% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated from the transformation of raw materials into products such as food, paper, bricks, plastic, and steel – that’s as much as the whole state of South Australia. But smart energy is poised to change all that.

Australia is primed to become a world leader in zero-carbon manufacturing due to its abundant renewable energy resources. Thanks to smart energy, Australia will soon be producing the world’s cheapest and cleanest electricity. With that cheap and clean electricity will come the opportunity to reindustrialise the economy as manufacturers follow the world’s cheapest power to keep their costs down. Transforming the manufacturing process would not only be good for the environment but also for our wallets. 

The concept is simple.  Convert as many manufacturing processes as possible to run on electricity.  And create that electricity from renewable energy.  Electrifying industries would drive innovation and exports, while also creating many high-quality jobs. As well as being cheap and clean to produce, clean electricity is also remarkably versatile and can double the efficiency of many industrial processes. 

In Beyond Zero Emissions Report, Electrifying Industries, five potential categories of electrical technology are explored for innovation in Australia. These categories include.

  • Industrial heat pumps.
  • Electromagnetic heating – infrared; induction and microwaves.
  • Electric furnaces – resistance, arc, and plasma.
  • Renewable hydrogen produced by electrolysis.
  • Heat storage – storing electricity as heat.

The advancement of these technologies’ spells good news for Australian’s. Once again, smart energy provides a clear roadmap to solidify our families’ futures, economically and environmentally. 


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