Australia’s unlocked potential

Imagine, the United Kingdom, a country known for its cold, dreary weather, where this is a summer day……


UK summer : Yet booming low carbon economy


Yet somehow the country’s green economy is leading the way as the fastest growing sector in the country!


Remember this is the country where the industrial revolution started and set off this whole climate change thing in the first place!


The UK’s low carbon economy is now worth more than £200bn, almost four times the size of the country’s manufacturing sector. This employs a massive 1.2 million people in the country that rarely sees the sunshine.

These jobs come with a higher quality of life too – with cleaner transport, reduced air pollution and better insulated homes.

Imagine what we could do in Australia with some of the best solar opportunities in the world.


In fact, our solar panels produce about 2.6 times more energy than those in cold European countries like Germany.


Australia is also starting to host some of the largest renewable energy and hydrogen projects the world has ever seen too.


With all the expertise, space and ample sunshine, we can do even better than the UK. We just have to hurry, as all around the world countries are racing to become the world’s next energy superpower.

Not with oil or gas, but with renewables!