Smart Energy Heavy Industry Precincts – Regional jobs and strong communities

Renewable Energy Zones + Australia’s Hydrogen Hubs + Industry = More Money and Jobs.



Smart Energy Heavy Industry Precincts, also known as Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts, are a brilliant idea and are a key to Australia’s economic future.

These precincts would allow big industrial centres like the Hunter Region and Gladstone and Port Hedland to continue operating full bore well into the future, even as Australia becomes a zero emissions country. These big centres would be powered by 100% renewable energy. These Precincts would connect the big industrial centres with the abundant and cheap renewable energy provided by Australia’s Hydrogen Hubs and Renewable Energy Zones. By powering these hubs with renewable energy, they are transformed into forward looking regions of economic growth, ready for the Net Zero world of the future. Everybody wins!


It has been said that the workers in Australia’s fossil fuel hubs, are being left behind as Australia plans for emission reductions and a transition to renewables, they couldn’t be more wrong!

The latest independent analysis by ACIL Allen  shows if the Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts are developed, we will have 45,000 new jobs by 2032, $13 billion dollars in additional annual revenue in Gladstone and the Hunter alone, and the average worker in these precincts will be earning $20,000 dollars more.

Imagine that, getting an extra $20,000.


SEE here for the plans for the revival of manufacturing and industry in Australia.


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