Billions flowing into Renewable Hydrogen!

Zero emissions hydrogen produced through renewables is set to become a major part of the world’s future energy demand.


You only have to look at the investment in renewable hydrogen in Germany to know we are not joking.


Germany has committed €9 billion euros, which is more than $14 billion Australian Dollars into the industry.

Hydrogen enables the storage of much of the abundance of renewable energy in the country’s north to be used in the energy

intensive south. This is helping reduce emissions in industries like aviation, shipping, heating and heavy industry where

electrification isn’t possible.

The Germans really are serious about tackling Climate Change!


What’s better, $2 billion of the funding is earmarked for international collaboration on renewable hydrogen.

That’s where Australia comes in, with our abundance of land, sun and wind captured by our big industrial centres,

like in central Queensland and north-west WA.


Australia has such a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the growing international demand for renewable hydrogen.

Germany needs renewable hydrogen, and we can supply it!


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