Good News – The Energy Market Operator is Planning for Australia’s Transition to a Renewable Energy Superpower!

Source | AEMO

Worried Australia has no plans for Reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050?

The Australian Energy Market Operator has got you covered!


Our energy planner (AEMO) has released their latest report, including plans for Australia to reach Net Zero by 2050 and to become a renewable Hydrogen Superpower!

In fact, they’re getting ready for moments when Australia will be running on 100% renewables by 2025. Yes, 2025!


The future is arriving quicker than anyone expected and that’s good for jobs, industry and our climate.


As the rest of the world drives their climate ambition higher, Australian industry has the same idea. AEMO in consultation with industry have put rapid decarbonisation – getting rid of greenhouse pollutants – on the agenda in planning Australia’s energy future.


Australia’s future as a Hydrogen Superpower will be boosted by plenty of demand for green hydrogen and related products as nations and companies across the world look to meet their pledges to the Paris Agreement.


The hydrogen we export will attract a higher price as we can supercharge our hydrogen industry through our abundance of renewables. Wind and Solar often producing more than we can use, which happens more often than you think.


AEMO found little appetite for the ‘gas-led recovery’ option, as industry pushes harder for a renewable led recovery. Renewable generation complemented by various forms of energy storage options such as battery and pumped hydro winning as the cheapest way to leave coal behind.


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